About Us

Since its founding concert in 2005, Portland Choir & Orchestra has been delighting audiences with excellent, inspiring choral and orchestral music. Each year, thousands of Oregon and Washington residents turn out to hear PCO’s wide variety of concert programs including the annual Celebration of Christmas, master works for choir and orchestra based on sacred texts, and patriotic and pops-style concerts that celebrate humankind’s rich heritage of Faith, Music, Family and Liberty.

Portland Choir & Orchestra has performed the Star Spangled Banner at multiple Portland Trail Blazers’ Games and has also performed with the Newport Symphony Orchestra, the Willamette Falls Symphony, and with national stars like Grammy-nominated and acclaimed concert violinist Jenny Oaks Baker, renowned Mormon Tabernacle Organist Clay Christiansen and Broadway actor and recording artist Dallyn Vail Bayles. Local celebrities such as Bill Schonely, Ray Summers, and Edmund Stone have also collaborated to provide inspiring collaborations of music and narration like Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait.

Portland Choir & Orchestra is a non-profit organization composed of over 100 singers and 45 instrumentalists. Members of the choir and orchestra audition and volunteer their time, some traveling as far as 100 miles to participate in rehearsals and performances. Choir and orchestra members are committed to sharing a musical legacy of inspirational music born from the world’s concert halls, churches, homes, and folk traditions. PCO enjoys a reputation of offering some of the finest, most uplifting choral and orchestral concerts in the Portland, Oregon metro area. The organization’s Artistic Director is Dr. David Thomas, with Dr. Edward Higgins serving as Orchestra Director.

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